Looking for best Eco hotels in Srilanka?From Colombo to KandySri Lanka is a tropic paradise with it all—stunning beaches, lush jungles, and diverse wildlife. You can join a safari to visit elephants and leopards in their natural habitats, taste Sri Lankan cuisine using locally sourced ingredients, and swim or surf in the blue-turquoise Indian Ocean. It is also a forerunner in eco-tourism with some of the world’s most innovative environmentally-conscious resorts

Eco travels helps you to find out best Eco Hotels In Srilanka.Here is the list of Best Hotels In srilanka.


1.Pavarone Eco Lodge Sinharaja

2. Negombo The Nature Villa & Cabanas

3. Makini Bush Camp

4. Kashyapa Kindom View Home

5. Kandy Victoria Eco Resort

6. Jayawa Lanka Natural Resort

7. Hotel Ganthera Kandy

8. Flameback Eco Lodge

9. Ella Heritage

10. De Silva Wind Resort Kalpitiya